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Yo-ho ho, AH! NINJAS

I. The Basics

Marty. It's the kind of name where when you meet parents they look at you and go "OH, so Marty is a BOY"
16, you can chauffer friends and family around, but you still can't see a rated R movie.
Jupiter, Florida (don't live here, just trust me)
Photo -s:

How'd you hear about us:Alex asked me to join forever ago


II. Sing a shanty on...

Our current idiot in office.
He's nothin short of completely retarded. I do however think the 9/11 movie was an unfair blow, simpley because it's in true Moore style. Completley and utterly one sided propagnda. That doesn't mean your goverment isn't lying to you, but that doesn't mean take all your sources from a movie. It's really only given millions of preteens reasons so they can now say they hate bush too, and cite an example.
The Presidential Campaign.
I'm sick of 9/11 and I'm sick of Kerry changing his mind. Although sadly it's not like it matters, I'm too young to vote.
Woman's choice, nothing else to it. Pro-choice, Pro-life, it's up to her.
Gay Marriage.
I'm gay, so I can't exactly be like "those fags" but I never have any desire to get married, however I do appercicate other's desire so of course I'm for it, besides with all the bullshit they've been throwing around, I've yet to hear a reason why not.
As long as you don't tell my parents...
The "Scene".
They never stop with this self-righteousness, I'd really be fine with it if they were'nt so cocky about it, and how much better it is than me.
Good Charlette.
I don't like them, so I don't listen to them. You odn't like hem? then stop complaining about them.
Sexual Intercourse between a Male and a Female specimen.
Something I don't really want to see, and i swear to god if it's my parents again, I'm going to scream.
The way we oddly phrased that last question.
Being werid for the sake of it
People named Amber.
I was discussing the name Amber with my friend Amber, and she as well as I have noticed that nearly every girl we've run across named Amber, it the skankiest, sluttest person. I'm not sure why. Although my friend broke them mold so maybe there are more out there too, or at least I hope there are.
Better than Hummers
1337 (leet) 5p3/\k (speak).
You know the word Love? Well think of the exact opposite
Gender Roles.
Be yourself. if someone wants you to be one way because of a gender, politley guid them to the closet take out a broom and let them know where they can stick it.
A hypothetical battle between Ninjas and Pirates.
As opposed to an actual battle? I think it would make one very bad, very entertaining action movie.


III. Aptitude Test
(note: This test portion is not weighed heavily at all. It is meant to see your rad/humour side)

[1.] Please select the optimal Penis Length.

(A) 6 Inches (B) 7 Inches

(C) 8 Inches (D) 9 Inches

[2.] OMGZZXZ BRB y0!!!!1111111oneone



(E) Ready shotgun

[3.] Which heroic figure?

(A) Ninjasz (B) Pirates

(C) Knights (D) Mermaids

[4.] Choose your death.

(A) Drowning (B) Electric Chair

(C) Hanging (D) Decapitation

[5.] Did you think this was absolutley pointless?

(A) Yes (B) No

(C) Somewhat and (D) I want to bone you

Answer Sheet
They're highlighted


IV. Short Answer Response Questions

Answer these with flair. Show your bitchy/realistic side on them.

1. Your overly-dramatic friend has just called at 2 AM, reporting that her boyfriend has just dumped her and she's having suicidal tendencies. How do you re-act?

Point out all the reasons her dependancy on this boyfriend of her
s is a microcosm for how stupid and petty she is, then hang up.

2. You and your friend are discussing what to do for a class English project. You decide to write a poem, and have your friend tell you what they think. On the day of presentations you find that your friend uses the same exact poem you had written, before you get the chance to present. What do you do?

Well in class I would go up, read the poem that had already been stolen, and then been like, "did someone hear an echo? No? Oh must have been theft then"

Then after class, I'd pull out my shank and cut them, or just smack em upside the head as I walked by.


V. Promotion

Promote to 2 Communities. We're like the other communities in this regard.

Community 1: Well um, communities actaully get kinda pissed when I promote on them, so I'm sorry I can't offer that.
Community 2: I'll post it in my LJ though, if thats enough consolation.
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