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I also went the route of illustrating my answer to ninjadolly's post.

I would eat John F. Kennedy. I don't think he was as good a president as everyone makes him out to be. I think he's so popular only because he was assassinated.
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And because he was young and charismatic. He was far more of a celebrity than a politician, really (not to say that yours isn't a valid answer, since he clearly was a politician).
hey you look a lot like me! I like Marilyn Monroe's hair. it's got a nice algae look to it.
It's supposed to be blond, but the monitor I'm using has messed up colors. I can't tell red from green.
Oh god, i just saw my illustration on a different ccomputer. I'm so embarrassed. I need to get a new monitor...
...no, i need to get a better monitor!