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I. General Info

Name: Ed...some call me clarice.
Age: 15
Location: South Florida
Photo: unfortunately i do not have a pirate/ninja shirt...but here is me..

and here is me in a special position...

How'd you hear about us: through user sevanelevan
Pirates or Ninjas: Ninjas till the end.


II. Sing a shanty on...

The Presidential Campaign. Bush Won. Thats a pain in my ass. He cant even pronounce the name of our country. Anyone that dumb doesnt deserve to be president.

Abortion. sure y not. we dont need any more fucking babies. kill a few. ok heres a question for ya. If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

if you said yes you just killed beethoven.

Gay Marriage. lesbians...yum.

Sexual Intercourse between a Male and a Female specimen. specimen...heh..good word choice...anyhooo i think sex is and between a male and opposed to two chicks?...

The way we oddly phrased that last question. yes yes!...but i liked the word choice!

SUV's. i like station wagons and minivans better.

People named Amber. my cats name is amber.


III. Aptitude Test
(note: This test portion is not weighed heavily at all. It is solely for our amusement.)

[1.] Please select the optimal Penis Length.

(A) 6 Inches (B) 7 Inches

(C) 8 Inches (D) 9 Inches

id have to go with (C)...just because...

[2.] OMGZZXZ BRB y0!!!!1111111oneone


(C) LOLLOLOLLLLL (D) HAHAHAHAHAH bout (D)...since u kno that phrase in the question is so funny...

[3.] Who would you like to share a steamy bubble bath and a Hamburger Helper meal with?

(A) Ninja (B) Pirate

(C) Eskimo (D) Mermaid/Mermister

(B)...and we could talk about pirate stuff...and such...eskimos r boring...and besides it would be too hot for them...and mermaids and mermen have weird tails...

[4.] What should you do if you catch fire?

(A) Pray/make sacrifices (B) Stop, drop, and roll

(C) Sweat the fire off (D) This question does not apply to me, I am a cave man.

(A)....yeah im just gonna stand there and look up at the sky and talk to myself..while flames consume my body....then id go and jump in water?...mayb?..sounds good?

[5.] Can we dance?

(A) If we want to. (B) Only if your friends will.

(C) Not if I kill you first! (D) No, I heard you have cooties.

(D)...i heard u have AIDS too.


Please complete this mad lib. It is vital to both your acceptance into this community, and to your grandchildren’s futures.

One day I was skipping through the Internet, looking at ___boobies___. I was both shocked and ___nostalgic___ to find that there is a Live Journal community devoted to the age-old Pirate Vs Ninja conflict! The first thing I did was _saw off my leg____. After regaining consciousness, I began to____eat cheese with my stuffed animals______. In addition to the __unique_____ community, I was impressed by the moderators’ ___hot body___ and devilish __horns____! In short, all I have to say about Ninja_arr is ______who will win? ninjas or pirates?!________!


V. Promotion
Just put a link in your journal, and show us? Muchos gracias bitches.
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