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Yo-ho ho, AH! NINJAS

I. General Info

Name: Mary.
Age: 14, unfortunately. Most people never find that out.
Location: Newtown, Connecticut
Photo: If you weren't aware, THIS is a link.
How'd you hear about us: I saw the community link on a friend's livejournal user info.
Pirates or Ninjas: Ninjas all the way.


II. Sing a shanty on...

The Presidential Campaign.
The presidential campaign? If I could, I would find it very hard to vote. I wasn't to big on either of the people running. If it wasn't the green party, I'd have to vote for Kerry. Anyone but Bush, like the bumper stickers say.
I'm pro-choice. I see it like this: having an abortion is a choice, but so is not having an abortion. I don't believe that a woman should just throw away a life that she should take responsibility for, but I can't tell her what to do. And if the situation is needing an abortion, it's abortion time. I personally would never have one Then again, I wouldn't get pregnant when I wasn't ready to have a kid, either. But if I did, I'd deal with it.
Gay Marriage.
I'm big on gay marriage. I don't believe that the government should at all be poking around with one's personal life. I agree with many people who say that marriage isn't religious, but just a way to put one and one together, legally. But that's opinion. I don't think marriage isn't holy, but I don't think that religion, sexual preference, race, background, or anything of the sort should hold you back from it. If it's love, it's love with no matter who you're with. I don't think it's something to fret about, I think everyone should have a chance to be happy.
Sexual Intercourse between a Male and a Female specimen.
I think that it should be with someone you love. I don't know if it should be with someone you're going to spend your whole life with, or not. Although I get horny, like all the rest of us do, that doesn't mean I'm going to jump up, run out the door and get it on with some random guy, not caring who it is. I think there are many more ways to feel close to someone or feel satisfied than sex. I don't think it needs to be one of the most important things in our culture. I see it as a way to share an amazing moment with the one you love, a way to make babies...but not to sell products or medicate yourself from something terrible that just happened. That's lust and I DON'T LIKE IT. The end, jesus.
The way we oddly phrased that last question.
Was fine with me... I didn't think it oddly phrased at all. Sexual intercourse is the proper way to say fucking anyway, so what's the big deal? But...specimen? Whatever floats your boat.
I hate them. Lets just mexican pack the cars. It works out fine. SUV's are bad for the environment, ugly, and a waste of a large sum of money.
People named Amber.
I only know one person named Amber. Actually, it's not even a person, it's a dog...a very cute dog, I must add. With that said, I don't believe I am quite fit to answer this question. NEXT.


III. Aptitude Test
(note: This test portion is not weighed heavily at all. It is solely for our amusement.)

[1.] Please select the optimal Penis Length.

(A) 6 Inches (B) 7 Inches

(C) 8 Inches (D) 9 Inches

[2.] OMGZZXZ BRB y0!!!!1111111oneone



[3.] Who would you like to share a steamy bubble bath and a Hamburger Helper meal with?

(A) Ninja (B) Pirate

(C) Eskimo (D) Mermaid/Mermister

Seeing that the eskimo is probably cold and hungry...unless I'm being ignorant. They're probably doing fine on their own. Oh well, eskimos are hot.

[4.] What should you do if you catch fire?

(A) Pray/make sacrifices (B) Stop, drop, and roll

(C) Sweat the fire off (D) This question does not apply to me, I am a cave man.

[5.] Can we dance?

(A) If we want to. (B) Only if your friends will.

(C) Not if I kill you first! (D) No, I heard you have cooties.


Please complete this mad lib. It is vital to both your acceptance into this community, and to your grandchildren’s futures.

One day I was skipping through the Internet, looking at penis pumps for you dad. I was both shocked and enlightened to find that there is a Live Journal community devoted to the age-old Pirate Vs Ninja conflict! The first thing I did was fill out this TOTALLY AWESOME test type thing. After regaining consciousness, I began tocontinue in my efforts. In addition to the hardXcore community, I was impressed by the moderators’ built bodies and devilish antics! In short, all I have to say about Ninja_arr is the best thing that my grandchildren will have!


V. Promotion
Just put a link in your journal

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