Jenna Renay (pyrettablaze000) wrote in ninja_arr,
Jenna Renay


I. General Info

Name: Jenna
Age: 21
Location: Texas
Photo: because I don't feel like rummaging through photobucket.
How'd you hear about us: Pirate search.
Pirates or Ninjas: PIRATES Yarrrrrr!


II. Sing a shanty on...Wet panties?

The Presidential Campaign.No

Abortion.If I choose to.

Gay Marriage.Yup.

Sexual Intercourse between a Male and a Female specimen. Oh yes.

The way we oddly phrased that last question.Possibly.


People named Amber.Probably not.


III. Aptitude Test
(note: This test portion is not weighed heavily at all. It is solely for our amusement.)

[1.] Please select the optimal Penis Length. B. 7 inches.

(A) 6 Inches (B) 7 Inches

(C) 8 Inches (D) 9 Inches

[2.] OMGZZXZ BRB y0!!!!1111111oneone STFUnDi333333333



[3.] Who would you like to share a steamy bubble bath and a Hamburger Helper meal with? B. PIRATE! Cause you know, I have a bit of a swashbuckling fetish:P

(A) Ninja (B) Pirate

(C) Eskimo (D) Mermaid/Mermister

[4.] What should you do if you catch fire? Walk the plank of me own ship, douse flames with sea water, climb back aboard and continue with me plunderin'!

(A) Pray/make sacrifices (B) Stop, drop, and roll

(C) Sweat the fire off (D) This question does not apply to me, I am a cave man.

[5.] Can we dance? I don't dance.

(A) If we want to. (B) Only if your friends will.

(C) Not if I kill you first! (D) No, I heard you have cooties.


Please complete this mad lib. It is vital to both your acceptance into this community, and to your grandchildren’s futures.

One day I was skipping through the Internet, looking at nerdpr0n. I was both shocked and aroused to find that there is a Live Journal community devoted to the age-old Pirate Vs Ninja conflict! The first thing I did was swab the poop deck. After regaining consciousness, I began tocry. In addition to the bauhaus community, I was impressed by the moderators’ nice tight ass and devilish horns! In short, all I have to say about Ninja_arr is Ninjas suck cause Pirates will one day rule the world!


V. Promotion
Just put a link in your journal, and show us? Muchos gracias bitches.
No problem.
But you must see this:
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