Bob Dylan (masdistraction) wrote in ninja_arr,
Bob Dylan

I have put a lot of thought into the new debate topic.
At first i thought Bush, just so as to get rid of him. but then i realized he probably wouldnt actually BE on the plane, even though years later he would claim that he was. so that was out of the question.
then i thought Cheney, but he's just gross. at least i know where Bush has been. some ranch/mansion down in Texas. but Cheney, i dont know where the hell that dirty old man has been.
next i considered eating Arnie. but then i remembered, he's not a politician, he's an actor! what was i thinking? silly tom.
but i have finally come to the conclusion that i would want to eat Ralph Nader. i dont have anything against him, but if he were dead the democrats wouldn't be able to waste their votes on him. and isnt that the real moral here, eating people for the good of America?
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