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"Yo-ho ho, AH! NINJAS"

I. General Info

Name: Which one? First is Andrew, middle is Jerome, and last is Mitchell. I go by A.J. though.
Age: 17 years old.
Location:Danbury CT, home of the nothing.
How'd you hear about us: I didn't. I wanted to join a group, so since I love both pirates and ninjas, this seemed like the obvious choice.


II. Sing a shanty on...

Our current President.
Not the smartest guy, and many use that as an excuse for his actions, but he's the president. Not being intelligent simply means that he's not right for the job. I also don't like it when religion is a factor on politics. In fact I don't like most religions. I'll stop now before going to off topic.

The Presidential Campaign.
Well as you can tell I don't like Bush, but I also don't like Kerry. I'd say vote green party, but I really would rather not have Bush win the race. Kerry seems to be the better chice, even if they both suck. I really wish that the choice wasn't between the lesser of two evils though.

Well there are a lot of sides to this. I can't really say that I'm either pro-choice or pro-life. I believe that it should be the right of the woman to decide what happens to the baby because it's her body, and as a free woman here in the U.S. she should have the right to choose for herself. However, if used, I really believe it should be only if the woman is truly sure that abortion is the best thing for both the baby and herself. Just because you give birth to a baby doesn't mean you have to house and raise it. That's one of the reasons that foster families exist. Also, many times abortion is only opted to when someone at a younge age has sex with out protection. Needless to say, a child shouldn't be giving birth, but they must have thought of it as a potential risk when the took place in the act. But all in all, I think that abortion should be pro-choice, however the choice has to be made before the third trimester, unless the woman's life is in danger.

Gay Marriage.
Love is not something that is decided by sexuality, but by feelings. I'm not gay, but who am I to decide that two people who are shouldn't be allowed to be married. Also, I dislike the idea that marriage is holy. It isn't, it's legal, pure and simple. Many different breaks come to people who married, and not allowing gays to marry because they are the same sex is no more then a prejudice based on the economy of America.

I enjoy watching it. A lot. Actually I spend the better time of my time online looking at it. Being naked is how we are born. Sure when it comes to having sex with someone, you shouldn't be as open as "Hey I came to fix the cable." "Oh great I don't know what's wrong with it." "Well looks like the plug came out of the socket." "Well then we should just STICK IT in there shouldn't we?" It's a release, and a great industry for the women who are hot and dumb.

The "Scene".
Which one? Street punk scene is almost dead, nothing but copies playing covers and getting drunk. Pop-punk is full of immature twleve year olds rebeling in the same way to attempt to be rebelious, only feeding fuel to the anti-pop culture, and thus not rebeling at all. Emo has lost it's sight, and become no more then the next pop-punk. Scream-o/hardcore is becoming all scream and no singing, and will eventually turn into Metal. Metal has been nothing but crap for the past ten years. All in all, there are no scenes worth being in anymore. Be yourself you fucking sheep, and stop relying on someone else to form your appearance for you.

Good Charlet.
I liked they're first CD. But I guess that they got big to quickly, let it go to their heads, and now I really can't stand they're second CD.

Sexual Intercourse between a Male and a Female specimen.
Sex is something that's important to the world. With out it, we don't exist to a next generation. However, it shouldn't be done unless the two people are in porn, love each other deeply, or are in a one night stand and understand all the risks they are taking.

The way we oddly phrased that last question.
Seems to be a lame attempt at being an intellectual. For the record I had to look up how to spell intellectual. That or you just got tired of saying "Fucking" or "A guy and girl knockin' the boots." Hey, far be it from me to call you a douche bag cause you speak like a fucking twat.

People named Amber.
My cousin is named Amber, and she was recently married. She lives in Canada. I like the name Amber. I like Ambers. Well, actually it depends on who Amber is, and if they are worthy of being like or not depends entirely on their personality, and not they're name. That would be dumb "Hey what's your name?" "Dave." "Oh man, I love Daves! You're cool." "Oh well I'm also a neo-nazi, cross dressing woman." "But your name is Dave right...?"

My mom owns one. They are bigger then cars and bad for the enviroment. I think that unless you have a practicle purpose for having one, such as you need to tow objects, you live in the middle of the woods, or on top of a mountain, you shouldn't have one. In fact, a car would be better for just about everything, except towing, and large families. And if you have a large family get a van you douche bag. There's no need to have a gas sucking SUV to tote around your kids.

1337 (leet) 5p3/\k (speak).
3y3 kn0w 17 4nd f3y3nd 17 4mu51ng.

Gender Roles.
Bull shit. You are a person, be what you want.

A hypothetical battle between Ninjas and Pirates.
In a forest the ninja wins, they have superior stealth, and distance combat capabilites. They could assault the pirate from long range while keeping they're location a mystery. On a boat the pirate. From they're many years on boats they have the distinct advantage of "sea-legs." Being able to adapt to, and comply with an ever changing surface with unrivled balance would let the pirate easily take car of the ninja. In an arena, it would depend on the pirate and ninja, but usually the ninja due to the speed and awareness they have.


III. Aptitude Test
(note: This test portion is not weighed heavily at all. It is meant to see your rad/humour side)

[1.] Please select the optimal Penis Length.

(A) 6 Inches (B) 7 Inches

(C) 8 Inches (D) 9 Inches

[2.] OMGZZXZ BRB y0!!!!1111111oneone



[3.] Which heroic figure?

(A) Ninjas (B) Pirates

(C) Knights (D) Mermaids

[4.] Choose your death.

(A) Drowning (B) Electric Chair

(C) Hanging (D) Decapitation

[5.] Did you think this was absolutley pointless?

(A) Yes (B) No

(C) Somewhat (D) I want to bone you

Answer Sheet

1.B. I don't know, just cause.
2.A. Only it would be "WTFOMFGBBQ!!!1!!1!!one!!1!111!!!!!" Everyone loves BBQ!
3.A. Yeah, see the part of this group where it says ninjas. I love ninjas. I would take ninjutsu if the only schools that still teach it were in the area of my State.
4.D. Mainly because it would be the quickest of them all.
5.C. It was about as much fun as seppuku. Except you have to be alive when it's done.


IV. Short Answer Response Questions

Answer these with flair. Show your bitchy/realistic side on them.

1. Your overly-dramatic friend has just called at 2 AM, reporting that her boyfriend has just dumped her and she's having suicidal tendencies. How do you re-act?
Realisticly, first I comfort her. I really rather not have someone die and I not do anything about it. Then the next day when they are back to normal I would spend the day repeating her over dramatic lines to her. Cruel and hilarious!

2. You and your friend are discussing what to do for a class English project. You decide to write a poem, and have your friend tell you what they think. On the day of presentations you find that your friend uses the same exact poem you had written, before you get the chance to present. What do you do?
Use the last couple of minutes before having to present to write a poem about how much of a dildo that person is, something to the beat of a Feable Weiner song, then end the poem stating exactly what the douche bag did. Then say it was warm up and do the Haiku you made up about dead baby jokes.... I love dead baby jokes. Here's the Haiku I would use:
Piles of dead babies.
Use a blender for more fun.
Dead baby smoothie!


V. Promotion

Promote to 2 Communities. We're like the other communities in this regard.

Community 1: I don't know any other communities and I don't care to.
Community 2:
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I forgot to put the link in to my picture, so here it is.
Me in all of my.... glory...

if you really want me to explain why, i will later
your explanation on the presidential campaign question was great. i hate people who think voting green is in any way going to get bush out of the office. that's just wasting your vote.

i also like that you look like a stoned werewolf. plus, i LOVE dead baby jokes.
You sat on the fence about abortion and the campaign, and you didn't really promote. But you ended with the dead baby haiku.


(though it was close)
no. your answers were good, but they were REALLY bland. please purchace a sense of humor and try again.
and, by the way, it's ninjitsu.
please learn your homonyms.
and while youre at the store, get one of those expensive senses of humour.
it will benefit you greatly in the long run.
woah woah WOAH i didnt see you didnt promote the first time.


You go, boy! Woot! Woot!
Yea.. Like that.

My vote:
Dude, what the frig? haha, you're insanely moronic. Me being shallow, the only thing that could save you is if you were hot.. But you didn't even post a picture.

As much as I don't like you're attempt at being funny and witty.. You have some good points of view. I like your opinions and the way you back it up.


But please post up a picture? I like looking at people and judging how they look.
Correction: *your. Third paragraph, seventh word.
Sorry guys, typo.
I don't think that a sense of humor is always shown through an online test...A.J is one of the most fun loving, extremely funny people I've met in a long time. I would definitely vote yes.
this is from last september.... why are you harassing me now, 7 months later?

I completely forgot about this group.
I would hardly call that harassing...haha..
i'd go with a yes.
you come across as pretty.. level headed, bland perhaps, but level headed nonetheless. also, you don't seem to give a fuck about whether or not people reckon you're funny.